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    So apparently in my sister’s class, there was a trans girl that had been on the cheerleading squad for a while. When she came out, the other girls on the squad made the agreement that whatever boy made fun of her would never get a date. And if you think that’s not the most metal girl alliance ever, you can sit down.

    Wow, 500 notes

    Girls protecting girls.


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    casual conversation

    Ravens are amazing


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    Does anyone else remember playing music in Real One Player and just sitting there and watching this for like two hours


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    so we got a puppy

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    One day, that toddler will be telling everyone about the time she went one on one with the great one, pattycaking his candy ass.

    the rock is a gift

    his bicep is bigger than her entire torso 

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    following back everyone

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    she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

    An angel, honestly.

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  • Soraya Chemaly, School Dress Codes: The Funny-Not-Funny Video You Have to See (via joffi)

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  • "Make no mistake, when school administrators patrol hallways checking out the legs, arms, shoulders and skin of 10- and 11-year-old girls, and micromanaging their appearance, they are objectifying them and encouraging them to self-objectify in the same way that popular media or purity cultures do."
  • "Ten Steps on Loving a Girl with Anxiety:
    Step 1. Her fears are very much real to her, never say that they aren’t.
    Step 2. Don’t tell her to think positive, because sometimes she can only think of the worst possibility that could happen.
    Step 3. Never tell her that she’s “overreacting” during an attack, because the anxiety gives her no other choice.
    Step 4. Face to face confrontation isn’t always the best idea. If she doesn’t want to meet up, leave her be and don’t get mad.
    Step 5. Don’t ever, EVER, tell her that you understand how she feels, because odds are, you don’t.
    Step 6. Blaming her for having anxiety is never okay, no matter how mad you are or even if you don’t mean it. She didn’t choose to be this way.
    Step 7. Don’t leave her alone because if you do, all she’s left with are her thoughts.
    Step 8. Tell her things are going to be okay, because even though it’s not always true, it’ll give her some hope.
    Step 9. Don’t make her confront her fears if she doesn’t want to. Sometimes it’s only going to make it worse.
    Step 10. Love her. Love everything about her, especially her bad side. Because sometimes all she needs is for you to hold her hand and make her feel like she is worth more than her disorder, because she is."
  • In honor of Robin Williams and all the depressed people in the world.

    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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  • "Depression is not beautiful poetry and sympathy from loved ones and a beautiful girl crying in the middle of the night while her boyfriend holds her and whispers “I love you” over and over again.
    Depression is not dead flowers and lana del rey music and dark eyeliner and lipstick smearing your face as you cry in a dirty bathtub smeared with your own blood.
    Depression is a foul taste in your mouth and smell in your room because you don’t care enough to take a shower or brush your teeth.
    Depression is longing for the days you cry because feeling something is better than feeling nothing and being sad is better than the blunt anxiety that is a constant in the back of your mind.
    Depression is watching your friends slip away because you don’t care enough to call them or see them and in turn feeling lonely and ignored because it feels like they don’t care enough to call you or see you.
    Depression is watching your grades plunge because how can you care about them when you don’t even care if you live or die?
    Depression is having your teachers and your parents call you lazy and unmotivated and a deadbeat because of these grades and because your illness is so blind to them you have trouble convincing even yourself that it exists.
    Depression is your back aching from staying in bed for hours a day, hoping you can live out your life in bed until you don’t have to live anymore.
    Depression is staying up until five a.m. watching tv because if you turn everything off you will be alone with your thoughts and there is nothing on earth worse than that.
    Depression is groaning in disappointment and anxiety when you wake up the next morning.
    Depression is praying yet again that night that you don’t wake up.
    Depression is not romantic. It is not beautiful. It is disgusting, empty, ugly. It is a pain so deep and long lasting you forget how you ever were without it."