hello, my name is naomi

I can assure you I'm not that interesting but if it get's dark enough outside I'll think I'm a writer. Also I like making new friends so say hi or tell me your favorite pizza topping ♡ be happy ☯ stay humble xox

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    i love this so much

    what when did this come back???

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    These parents are guilty of some seriously embarrassing fails! Checkout these 20 ridiculous parenting fails!

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.


    Omg what is wrong with these people?!

    #9 tho… I am in a loss for words.

    This is so wrong in so many ways *smh*

    I’m laughing too hard.

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  • Anonymous asked : American cheese or mozzarella?


    me: AMERICAN

    tay: the yellow kind

    ask us stuff and we will answer honestly!

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  • mellowminty:

    i’d really like some wireless waterproof earbuds for shower time

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    send your pics at yfgc@wupics.com

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    "It’s mildly breezy outside."

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  • "

    1. I’ve always been big on drunken honesty, so let me be the first to tell you that he doesn’t give a shit about you. Please love me.

    2. I never wanted to be alive until I heard my name slide across your tongue.

    3. I keep getting high to forget that you won’t talk to me. I know it isn’t healthy, but you don’t care, so why should I?

    4. Sometimes my feelings for you hit me like a fucking train and I can’t tell if I’m actually happy or if I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    5. I know its only been two hours since I last saw you, but I cant stop thinking about the way it felt when your lips touched mine.

    6. Why did I think we could fix each other? Gasoline can’t put out a fire.

    7. I get that you’re sad, but you can’t ignore me forever.

    8. We’re so bad for each other, but, fuck, I don’t want to live in a world in which you don’t exist.

    8 voicemails I wanted to leave you but didn’t because I was afraid you’d pick up if I called. (via kindofalone)
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    Moleskine Art by Gabriel Picolo

    20-year-old artist from Brazil Gabriel Picolo has created an incredible series of manga inspired doodles using just pencil and pen on a Moleskine sketchbook.
    Gabriel Picolo: Instagram I facebook I deviantArt

    more doodles I comments I [via]

    Follow us: Inspiring Pieces I Comments

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